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Rear door pull, burlwood trim ( removal?)

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1999 m320, The rear door pull has pull away from the top and I know the burlwood trim on the outside of the pull needs to come off so I can get to the screws under it. How does this trim piece come off? Would appreciate any suggestions replacing this door pull.
Thanks in advance
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Do you have to remove the door panel to get the pull handle off

I was successful getting the plastic burlwood removed from the pull handle without any scrapes or marks. I was able to remove the two screws and thought the pull handle would just pull out. It didn't and I didn't want to pull too hard until I knew if it did. Anyone done this job that would know?
Thanks In Advance
Thanks Witek M, Got the new door pull and it came without the Starlocks. I was able to get the plastic Burlwood off without any scratches but broke two door clips in removing the door panel. I was very careful and had a tool but I didn't have the touch I guess! The dealer had the right clips but the Starlocks are not available anymore. I had one good Starlock and after some thought I got the ideal to just use a hole clamp, it worked fine. It all went back together and its as good as new.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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