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'87 W124 230TE UK Spec '96 W210 E200
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Hi everyone. Sold my 200E and got a 1989 UK reg 230 TE complete with the E230 cosmetic upgrades on the exterior. The was exported from the UK to Singapore and then re-registered here in 1991. I did not like the color of the interior. The car is a 2 tone white and has a dark blue interior (seats, partial door panels, etc).

So 2 things in mind:

1. Color combination - was thinking of tan interior but not sure if white/tan combo is that great. I think white/grey interior cannot go wrong but a bit bland. I remembereed someone suggesting that there is a MB recommended color chart in existence but I have not found it. If anyone has that, can you kindly tell me where to find it?

2. Door panels - I am not going to change the whole door but just the panels on the inside of the doors. I can get hold of the front 2 - they are the same as the sedan. Was told the rear 2 panels are different so the sedan rear door panels won't work. Is it true?
The doors looked exactly the same as far as I can tell but I could be blind!

Any comments/advice? Thanks & have good day.
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