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I'm working through options and costs for a stereo reboot. I have been giving thought to whether I have the time to make a new rear deck with the speakers covered by carpet. Short answer looking at my current year old woodworking project is probably not right now.

I searched speaker enclosures and came up with these available to fit 6x9 as well as a round unit for 6 1/2 speakers.

They seem to solve the issue of not making a new deck and not cutting into the current deck. They are also paintable (I have painted grills before for a kitchen project with great success with an HVLP gun). Rattle can paint should work as well. I'm thinking a lighter color might not be a fugly as the black.

Beyond pointing this solution to others who may be pondering rear speaker additions but don't want to cut their deck, I am curious if anyone has experience with them. The reviews on the 6x9 on crutchfield indicated that they were not quite deep enough for a set of speakers. The rounds had no such feedback.

Has anyone used them?
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