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If you have chrome on rear hatch handle (or anywhere for that matter) that has oxidized over time... can refurb it. This was a trial and error kind of thing for me :

Pre-Step. remove from car, detach all lenses... otherwise just put blue tape around handle so paint doesn't get damaged (NOTE: to remove the handle properly, you must remove the nuts holding it from INSIDE the tailgate... you need to pop off the tailgate trim panel....after remove the nuts holding the handle in place, THEN remove the screws from outside the handle... DO NOT REMOVE the outside screws first... this will damage the part (50% of the handles are already damaged)

1st step. clean surface (I used 70% alcohol)... but either use this or some window cleaner or just good old soap and water (I was lazy)

2nd step. Rubbing Compound - I am sure its good general practice to be gentle when using this... but i wasn't, and didn't have any adverse effects. I went over some difficult spots (by the license plate light lens area). Let dry... then buff out with other side of linen-free paper towel. (You may need a plastic tool to get into the hard to reach areas...)



3rd step. TR3 Resin Glaze - I will note: on another handle, all i needed was this to clean it (no rubbing compound)... but since this one was difficult.. I added the rubbing compound for others. This Glaze will clean and polish (says it restores oxidized finishes)... and its applied the same way... rub on...wipe a bit... let dry... buff out.

BEFORE and AFTER Pictures below




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