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Hey All,

Recently bought a 07 S550 4Matic with amg wheels but no kit.

I personally dont mind the existing front bumper but the rear bumper just doesnt look aggressive at all. No view of the exhaust.

I was wondering what it takes to get the amg style rear bumper put on and how much it goes for.

Is something like 07 09 MERCEDES S550 S55 S S65 AMG W221 REAR BUMPER KIT - eBay (item 360181629296 end time Dec-12-10 21:52:42 PST) all I need? I assume I just get that, bring it to the bodyshop and it fits in flush.

Or, Do I need to also get the sideskirts and front bumpers? Im hoping it all fits in place.

Is there any exhaust work needed? (tips or whatever)

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