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rear bumbper mesh

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I have noticed the sl55's bumber is mesh in the lower part of it similar to the from bumber mesh it look realy good.
the Slk55 has and the slk350 with amg pkg. is just plastic.
any one know how to change to the mesh to match the front bumper.
again it the black plastic part of the rear bumper where the tail pipes are shaped arround it.
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If it bothers you that much, painting it the same color as the car might be another solution for it.
It does not bother me...
Do you agree if that part was mesh it would better?
Yeah, I suppose so, I guess I would have to see it to be sure. The reason I suggested painting it the same color of the car, is because I thought of doing it to my car.
Do you know if it is going to work. I mean if you paaint the palstic psrt will it look good... i agree that might be a good idea.

I am replacing my atena to the sl atena.. the base part which is plastic i have to paint it to alabaster white to match the car and the acual atena.
I think I agree with you of might painting it... my be we can look into it. I will ask my dealer

by the mean time you should check out the sl55 rear mesh part. I think you will appreciate it.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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