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Rear Axle Shaft Spacer (Shims) Part Number

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I need to change the shims for the rear axle shaft to get the right end play adjustment because I replaced the rear axles and the new ones are just a little different.

I understand there is a kit from MB that has varing sizes of these shims. Does anybody have the part number for this kit?

I called mercedes Benz here in Austin and they couldn't help. I have done a google search and found information about different sized shims but no part numbers. I have no way of grinding down the existing shims to get the right end play adjustment (no end play).

If I had a part number then I could go to MB and say order this part.

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Looks like they're sold separate. Don't see a service kit.

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I take it you have too much play?

Measure your current shim and just order the sizes larger then what you have.

If too tight, just the smaller ones.
Well from thinnest to thickest is 0.32", every 0.10mm is .004"

I don't think you can measure the way you're doing it.

If neither shim is thin enough order the thinner ones, 2.6/2.7/2.8mm
and see what happens.

Possible it's the wrong axle from what I see in the pic.

Did you measure the stub that goes in the spider gear and compare it to the original?

Measure from the shim flange to the clip groove on both axles.
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thinking about this, I'm starting out with a stub that is too short by .66 to match the old one. If I took the original spacer size of 2.9 and reduced it by what the new shaft is short I'd come up with 2.3.

The thinest spacer is 2.6, it might just work but .3mm is a lot when your looking at this end play adjustment.

I'm getting that sick feeling that says this "aint" gonna work!

That's the problem alright, they should be within 0.10"

Wrong axle bro.
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