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Thanks everybody for great advice.
Everyday in Mercedes-Benz, I began to enjoy my life again (personally, I was going through some crisis.)

Anyhow, I realized today that my rear antenna pops up only half.
So, I am going to replace it sometime next week.
How can I do it?
Can I just screw it out and screw in a new one? Or do I have to do anything special with electrical thing?

P.S. I redo my brakes and got alignment done. My benz drives like a dream! I took it to the highway this morning, and I drove up to 120 mph without any noticeable vibration or noise.

I did not intend any harmless or evilness with my id “Benz Devil.� I am attending Arizona State University here in Tempe (Phoenix), and my school’s mascot is Sun Devil.

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I don't think anyone is bothered by your name, i wouldn't worry about it.

Regarding the antenna, do you have a switch that adjusts the height? Offhand, i can't remember if your model has it. Also, when you say it pops up half way, can you pull it up the rest of the way?

It is quite easy to replace, but much easier with 2 people. twist to loosen it, turn it out and let it feed, and pull it all the way out. then feed it in by hand and turn it off at the same time.

Search archive for details, it's a common replacement.

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I think he has the switch.. only the 1991 models didn't have them, I believe.

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Oh really? Where is the switch located? Anyone got a photo? My 1990 SEC has a wire that runs to the back of the stereo and it pops up whenever i put some tunes on, but I would prefer to adjust it manually.
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