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Reading code help: Newbie alert

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New to me 01 e320 4matic wagon, 42,000mi. I have the SRS/airbag light, but only with a passenger in the seat. My elmsford (USB) code reader shows no codes. That right?

Guess I'll go check the zipties under the seat before I order the seat sensor.


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Read MRBSMITH's posts on the topic. Hard SRS code must be reset by dealer or indie with proper software.

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Yes I saw/saved that one. Just not sure the part has completely failed yet. Would an SRS code be read by a standard OBII reader?
Sorry, I guess I could have been more clear.

To my knowledge there is no DTC for the SRS. Rather it sets a code in the computer that triggers the malfunction alert. One set it can be cleared only by the proper interface through the diag port.

Since there is no DTC, a code reader plugged into the OBD-II port won't reflect a code for the SRS.
OK, so I clipped off the ti wraps, and there is the sheaths are all cut, and now the airbag off light is always on. Think I'll splice in new wires starting where the tie wrap was on the seat frame. See if that helps.
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