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• It really helps if you preface your post title with FS – for sale, WTB – wanted, Trade – trade, Free – give away; you don’t have to but it makes for easier searching.

• Generally, we prefer this section to be for MB related stuff, funny that, this being a MB forum and all. Sure if you have some other stuff to off-load, we won’t die in a ditch over it, if all you are selling is for other Marques or just other crap in general – you may find the posts magically disappear, without warning.

Bumping your For Sale posts will earn a lockout. If people want your stuff they will either see it, or search for it. Repeated bumping will earn you a holiday of varying lengths depending just how shitty a day we have had. WE WILL NOT PM YOU TO GIVE YOU A HEADS-UP THAT YOUR THREAD WILL BE LOCKED

• Ripping off people, not following through with payment or dispatch promises will earn you the scorn of the forum, probably result in you being ‘named and shamed’ and more than likely a holiday. For the length, see above.

• If you have posted your stuff elsewhere (ie ebay) don’t just post a link to it, advertise it here with enough information, people don’t come here to search ebay. Links to publicize your eBay, BAT, or other auctions are not permitted.

• Include enough information to help you move your stuff, pics, price, location, condition – all stop people having to make guesses then being potentially disappointed. Remember this is an international site – not everyone knows where Podoken, Amritsar is.

• Come back and indicate the item is sold/stolen/given away, whatever at the end, it saves people dragging up 2 year old posts in the vain hope that, that unique left handed, gold plated bonnet star is still available.

• Play nice with others in the sand pit. If you don’t like what is on offer, either don’t respond or if the item needs correction, do it respectfully or through PM.

This forum is for contributing members that would like to sell their personal items or would like to trade items with other members as well as wanted items.

No Commercial Posts Allowed. If you are a commercial poster and you have not signed up to be a Supporting Vendor - you will be permanently banned

By posting in this section, we will take it as given that you have read and agreed to these few rules.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
Not open for further replies.