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Re: Rear Tire 1989 SE diagram?

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Re: Rear Tire 1989 SE diagram?

Dear, fans and Guru's.
Does any one has the rear tire diagram ?
Took off the rear left tire on the MB 1989 300se.
As you all might have known there are 5 tire bolts and 1 inner bolt with the aluminum small tube, inserted over it and the washer, before the head of the bolt.

---======|] placed right in the middle of hub and bearing assembly, in the axle shaft...

The problem is - that I could not possibly screw this bolt back in???
Is that physically possible to drive like that ? And if so - how long for? day month, year? From my understanding the key has been locking the tire.

Please kindly advise - what to do...

With kindest regards,.
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The centre one is for the driveshaft. I wouldn't advise driving with it not tightened.
Maybe you have to wiggle the driveshaft a little to seat it properly for the bolt to go back in. IIRC it's a 13 mm M8 bolt.
Why did you loosen it?

gr J
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