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1990 300TE
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Re: Couple questions about new 1990 300TE

Hey guys, just picked up a 1990 300TE with original 65,000 miles. Great condition. I want to give thanks to a couple of forum members helping me out with my questions. A couple of things. I looked under the front end and I noticed the black shocks were bilsteins in that they had a bilstein sticker on them. I am familiar with bilstein in that I had the yellow hd shocks on my old 95 bmw. I believe these are the touring bilsteins. Were these factory? I believe this car came with the boge/sachs shocks, so maybe they were replaced? Also, what is the best shock for the front end? What do most owners put on? The cruise control amp is shot. I can get one from autohausaz fairly cheap, however, maybe a used one fron a parts car would be ok? Also, the car is smoke silver with the red mbtex interior. Coming from a black on black bmw, it is not my favorite, hpwever the car was in such pristine condition with low miles, I couldn't pass it up. Just wish it was plain silver. Oh well. The engine compartment is amazing with every hose, clamp and part looking brand new. I am a traveling sales guy who puts 30,000 miles a year on a car and I need room for my samples in the back, so it is perfect. Thanks, Hutch

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Welcome man, I to am a defect from bmw world that's had my 89 300te for about a year now. At first I really missed BMW's. Now occasionally I wish I had one to tinker with, but I grow more fond of the '124 every day. I travel more than you/year and it's been the most reliable car I've owned.

As for the shocks, unless they're blown I'd keep them. I'm suspension shopping now and most all that I can find are kyb's. The te has been great for travel, winter weather, reliability. And all of those little components that break on German cars and had to be replaced on bmw? I've found most all of them (including window switches and antenna) can be taken apart and serviced.

I'm white/blue mb tex. Also used to green/tan or black/black BMW. The wearability, ease of cleaning, and lack of heat retention compared to the BMW interior is great.

Give it time, you'll love it.

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not a fan of KYB's... I used to use them on my Jetta when I was young and stupid, and I realized they don't last 2 years. Bilsteins will last 200K miles of hard driving.
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