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Re-acquaintance seminar

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I attend the MB re-acquaintance seminar today with 15 other MB owners. It takes us to the workshop where technicians answer any questions we have. He then opens the hood, jacks up the car, removes the underbody panel, and walks us through the underbody to show the various systems (catalytic converter, rack and pinion steering, suspension, exhausts, gas tank) and features. Very interesting to non-mechanic like me.<br>
Then there is a demo of car features for those who don't read the manual. Points of note during the seminar:<br>
1. There are 2 connected gas tanks in the new C, under rear bench on left and right. Fuel pump on the left but gas is continuously rebalanced to ensure equilibrium and maintain handling quality.<br>
2. If gas filler cap is loose the check engine lamp will come on.<br>
3. Car is equipped with a fuel canister connected by a hose to the top up portion of gas tank to condense gas vapour and reroute to the fuel tank. The purpose is to save fuel and reduce gas vapour which is a fire hazard. If tank is topped up gas may flood the canister through the hose. Check engine will light up and draining the canister is a major labour job = $$$. So DON'T top up the tank.
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Hey! I would love to do that too. How do you arrange that?<br> <br> Michael<br>
Re: Hey!

You get an invitation from MB, normally after three months you took delivery to attend one of these sessions. I believe they hold it every month, and there could be owners of E, S, CLK, you name it.<br> <br> I think you can call Meray and tell them you have not received invitation to one of these and they would be glad to sign you up. I bring my parents and grandma there.

OK.. I will call and ask Meray.<br> <br> Any response to the GTA get together? Next Saturday is kind of busy for me so I would prefer the one after, but I'll do what most people want. Assuming you've had more responses.<br> <br> I am driving qith the charcoal filter ON now!<br> <br> Michael<br>
Re: Cool

So far, haven't got any more responses from GTA. Maybe GTAers are shy.<br> <br> Unfortunately, I check the invitation letter again and Meray is not owned by MB. So I suspect your dealer is not holding this type of clinic. I could try to contact my dealer and see if they can sign you up at next session. Please note that they do this during Thursday evening.

Yes if you could ask your dealer... hey, it's still an MB right? I'd gladly turn up any Thursday night.<br> <br>
Re: OK...

Hi Michael and QQ<br> How bout July 14 for the GTA meeting??<br> <br> Kevin
Re: Re: OK...

I'm fine. Where do we meet? Go for a drive?
14 July fine w/me!

Fine with me - pencilled in. Maybe make a separate announcement on the sites?<br> <br> Where do we meet?<br> <br> MW
Re: 14 July fine w/me!

You and I are close by. Kevin in Richmond Hill. So maybe somewhere in between. Also depends on what we plan to do.<br> <br> Do you mind to bring your Bose demo package and make a copy of the demo CD for me?

Sure, sounds fine, no problem.<br>
Re: Sure

Hi QQ and Michael<br> <br> Anywhere in GTA will be fine for me.<br> You both know anywhere is good for drive?<br> <br> Can I have a copy of the CD too?<br> thanks Michael<br> <br> Kevin<br> <br>
Took mine in for frequent stalling. Was told that<br> stalling caused by 'topping up /flooding of cannister' Did not and have not topped up ever. But worth noting and telling anyone you lend it to.
Alas, called dealer today who said:<br> 1. This is a delaer specific event organized for its own customers, not run by MB.<br> 2. It runs only ONCE A YEAR and headquarters send invitation to customers on behalf of dealer. Dealer has no control who is invited.<br> 3. Michael you may have to ask your dealer to organize one.<br>
Oh well...

...thanks for asking anyway.<br> <br> Called my dealer and they said no, they do not do this - maybe one day.<br> <br> MW<br>
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