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Rattling 108D Vito

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Any Merc' Techs' out there please?

I've got a 1997 108D Vito, 47000 miles, (mine from new), oil changes never gone more than 5000, mostly done at 3000 ish, all molly coddled & driven nicely etc, & the top end has gone all rattley. Briefley, engine drives sweet when cold, & then starts rattling when warmed up, persevere & it starts popping back thro' the inlet manifold. However, to make life interesting, if I let it idle until warm, even until the fan cuts in, - no noise. only rattles when driven (ie. revved).
Lifters have been done, on the offchance, & made no change.
My question is, Does anybody know if the engines have any sort of valve/device to maintain / regulate / supply, the oil feed to the head for the lifters? & If so where have they hidden it?

Get as Techie as you like I was up to a short while ago a Self Employed Diesel mechanic, (got fed up with all the electrickery involved nowadays). Bought a Merc' cos' I didnt want it to go wrong ! Ha Ha.

Many thanks for any replies, & when I get the time (the joys of being employed alas), to get it sorted, i'l post the outcome just in case anyone else needs it.
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thought thats just the way they sound??!! good luck
i have a similar problem but after a while with white/blue smoke at 2-3000 revs only when being driven and with vibration. check the exhaust for unburnt fuel. my problem turned out to be the injectors needing all four replacing. good luck

Hi Peeved_dieselman,did You Cure Your Vito Rattle I Have Replaced Lifters And Cam Chain Tensioner With No Joy,it Still Rattles.can You Help Cheers Sean
I had similar prob, turned out the exhaust manifold nuts had come loose, the mad thing was I had a new exhaust fitted about a month before the rattles started, nuts tightened, no probs now.

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S500 1995 Automatic door closer

I need to know where to find the Vacuum element for the driver's door.
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