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Rattle in gear selector

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I have a terribly annoying rattle coming from my gear selector (auto trans 300tdt). I have determined it is not transmission related, if i barely rest my hand on the lever it will be quiet but if i let go it starts again. Worst at idle or low rpm's. Any idea's?
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stuffandthings said:
I was very surprised to find the arm of the gear shift bearly hanging
Like a bear hug? :D sells a bushing kit with instructions and a special home made pressing tool. This definitely makes this job easier.

Auto Transmission Shift Bushing Kit |
Mercedessource is not the only one that marks up prices! A 75 cent thermostat gasket from goes for $ 8 + at your local MB dealer! In fact, there have been sharp increases in cost of parts at dealerships lately. Another example: A $ 6 water temperature sending unit goes for over $ 50 at Mercedes dealerships!

How is that for a ridiculous markup? I do not defend the Merdecessource, but the guy provides good instructions and often simple installation aids, and those are worth something to people. They are worth a few extra bucks to me.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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