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Rattle in gear selector

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I have a terribly annoying rattle coming from my gear selector (auto trans 300tdt). I have determined it is not transmission related, if i barely rest my hand on the lever it will be quiet but if i let go it starts again. Worst at idle or low rpm's. Any idea's?
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I had the same problem and changed the bushings...amazing difference. I was very surprised to find the arm of the gear shift bearly hanging hanging onto the linkage to the transmission. Scary to think I had been putting up with it for an entire year.

The change is easy. I removed my center console, then the plastic housing around the gear selector, then there are a few bolts under that that are holding the selector in place, remove that (keeping the e-brake on of course). You'll be able to pull the selector up and look down under the car where the linkage is. I used a magnet to keep ahold of the linkage while I put the bushing on the selector arm. I got the bushing from Autohaus AZ for a couple bucks. Warning: the bushing is a total bitch to get on, I used persistence and a screwdriver to shim it on. Once you have it on, reconnect it to the linkage and put it all back together. Pretty easy actually and you don't necessarily have to go under the car to do it.
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