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2001 E 320 4 matic
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Hello. I have a really annoying rattle that sounds like it is coming from right upper firewall. I looked under the hood and what I have found was that it seems when I has my upper control arm\ball joint replaced they loosened the ECM black box and did not reinstall properly. (My first and prob my last time not going to the dealer for service.) What I found was the bracket on the front of the ECM box was not placed into the slide bracket and tightened. That was a simple fix so I did it myself, the rattle has improved, but is it still there. I want to open the cover to see if there is a similar bracket in the back of the box, but I am afraid to open the ECM box. Is there such bracket that holds the rear of the box? Could rattle be dislodged cabin filter?:surrender:

I am also going to have my right front axle replaced. OEM part is over $1,000 after market is $150. The dealer reluctantly said they would install if I supply the part although they do not recommend. Has anyone had experience with replacement non OEM axle? Thanks.
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