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Rare mod? - 3rd row cupholder

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So you have 3rd row seats, but do you have these?

OEM cupholders for the 3rd row. (photos thanks to rracerrx)


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gw17625410 said:
Judging by the blank covers to the left, I would guess the cargo cover attachment points ??

Where do you get them ??
Spot on, gw17625410.

Should be available from your MB dealer. See below for part number to suit your MY. Only in black for MY2000+.

Not cheap (as you'd expect from MB), but could help keep your 3rd-row passengers happy, especially on long journeys. Represents the decadence you hope for when riding in an MB. You can't take it with you.


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David, I don't have these yet, but I've PMed rracerrx who does and he might get back with a photo.

As for how much, well if you need to ask then you may have difficulty affording it.

I tend to adopt the "if I want it, I buy it" approach to MB accessories, spend the money and enjoy my ML that little bit more. Of course I try to save $$ where possible, but many mods are only available new and from MB, so there isn't an option.

My dealer quoted me AU$8000 (=US$6600) to retrofit 3rd row seats (!). I guess it's cheaper than upgrading to a GL-class.
Sorry to confuse you David, allow me to explain.

We were discussing the cupholders, which are available for € 37,00 / £15.18 (US$33.50 each + dealer markup). That's for MY2000+.

I was just remarking that discussing the price of OEM MB parts is generally unhelpful at any time up till the sale transaction. There's no point - we all know the prices can be outrageous, so thinking about cost can only make you feel bad.

Therefore a more healthy approach to these matters is to simply decide whether or not you want something. Then you just get it, hand over your dollars, and enjoy it. Don't think "That was such a rip-off". Think "I love driving my ML".

I gave the 3rd row seats as an example of gouging. There's no way I would pay that much for new seats, but here in Australia, the 100% markup on the retail price of anything you could buy in the US or Europe is standard at all dealers.

I pity the MB owners who would actually pay for dealer-fitted seats, when I know that the dealer cost is a lot less than US$3300, and then they have the nerve to hit you up for an extra US$3300 of pure profit.

Thanks very much for the offer Alex, but I have already acquired 3rd-row seats from ebay. Only cost US$1076 plus shipping. Then I got gouged by my customs department for another US$600! If they had pointed a gun at me it would have felt more like a proper robbery.

It's hard to forget these experiences but I focus on the money I saved, and enjoy carrying around extra friends whenever possible.

I hope that clears it up. You don't need to have 3rd row seats just to get the cupholders, but there's no point having the latter without the former.

P.S. That currency conversion was backwards. AU$8000 = US$6600.
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Stop searching, Darkmann. The cupholder fits into the cargo cover mounting point. Replaces that "filler panel" plastic lump thing. And way more useful.
I don't understand how customs law works, but if the item has value and you're importing it, they're allowed to hold it for ransom until you cough up the cash. Doesn't matter if it's used.
CAHEK said:
does that mean if you buy a laptop or a camera abroad you will pay taxes when bringing it to australia?
That's how they do it here. The best way around it is to send the packaging and manual to yourself by post. If they ask any questions, tell them that you brought it with you from home (e.g. that you bought it on a previous trip). Otherwise you have to pay 10% GST (=VAT) to import it.
CAHEK said:
... if you declare the things at customs as your 'used personal belongings' nobody has any right to charge you anything.
I think you're OK if you carry it with your personal belongings. I brought back an MB child seat with ISOFIX (LATCH) and ACSR that way, and they didn't hassle me. They were more interested in the half-eaten box of breakfast cereal I forgot to ditch.

The problem is with international freight companies. They told me I would have to pay for customs clearance, terminal charges, handling, GST, and customs duty and/or customs GST. Then they would let me pick up my package. I protested that the shipping charges had been pre-paid at the other end (which they had). They claimed that pre-paid shipping doesn't include these "destination charges".
Pics as requested

gw17625410 said:
How well does it hold the drink ? it doesn't look deep.

I am guessing you have McDonalds in Australia, will it hold that type of cup ?

Can you post pic with drink in it and installed in the truck ?

Photos courtesy of rracerrx. Price was US$64 each.


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