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Rare mod? - 3rd row cupholder

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So you have 3rd row seats, but do you have these?

OEM cupholders for the 3rd row. (photos thanks to rracerrx)


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DrX said:
So you have 3rd row seats, but do you have these?

OEM cupholders for the 3rd row. (photos thanks to rracerx)
where do you fit them?
DrX said:
David, I don't have these yet, but I've PMed rracerrx who does and he might get back with a photo.

As for how much, well if you need to ask then you may have difficulty affording it.

I tend to adopt the "if I want it, I buy it" approach to MB accessories, spend the money and enjoy my ML that little bit more. Of course I try to save $$ where possible, but many mods are only available new and from MB, so there isn't an option.

My dealer quoted me AU$8000 (=US$10,000) to retrofit 3rd row seats (!). I guess it's cheaper than upgrading to a GL-class.
i have 3rd row 2 seats in my loft. grey leather. almost unised. if you want them, let me know.. you will save bunch of money even with the delivery from uk to austalia.
gw17625410 said:
Not sure what we are talking about here ???

I already have the third row, and thought we were discussing the cup holder.

As far as paying for it. I would pay for new carpets before spending high $$$ to keep them clean.

$10K for the 3rd row is crazy. US has them new in box $4,500 not installed.
i guess DrX means that these are so rare to get that you have to buy 3rd row seat just to get the cup holders..
Vik said:
i used to rock one on the front bullbar, but then it just got annoying since i ghetto rigged it, and it looked retarted, so I just display it on my dash. Mine says W163 ML

that's cool, but we're talking on cup holders, Vik. I guess you were trying to reply to MJ50's poll on euro plates? :D
DrX said:
Thanks very much for the offer Cahek, but I have already acquired 3rd-row seats from ebay. Only cost US$1076 plus shipping. Then I got gouged by my customs department for another US$600! If they had pointed a gun at me it would have felt more like a proper robbery.
that's a rip off. you import a personal belonging (presumably used?). even thought it could be new, you could easily declare it was used. what's the point to charge you? it is not a commercial qty either.. :eek:
DrX said:
I don't understand how customs law works, but if the item has value and you're importing it, they're allowed to hold it for ransom until you cough up the cash. Doesn't matter if it's used.
does that mean if you buy a laptop or a camera abroad you will pay taxes when bringing it to australia? i am not familiar with your laws etc, but that's rather strange. you sould check with your customs to avoid paying for nothing in future.
DrX said:
That's how they do it here. The best way around it is to send the packaging and manual to yourself by post. If they ask any questions, tell them that you brought it with you from home (e.g. that you bought it on a previous trip). Otherwise you have to pay 10% GST (=VAT) to import it.
and what happens if you own 2 or more homes? e.g. you live in australia and spend some time over in the u.s. where you buy a superexpensive personal computer which you want to use while back in australia? i own a small company that trades internationally and i can tell you that if you declare the things at customs as your 'used personal belongings' nobody has any right to charge you anything. what if i used to drive ml in the states and it had 3 row seats and now i need these seats in my australian ml? seats are mine and belong to me.

if what you say is true (not that i question your words, but the way your laws work), than tomorrow they can say e.g. if you bring a tooth brush that is not as simple as those sold in australia, you need to pay for the right to take it home with you. :rolleyes:

like i said you may want to check this further to avoid disappointment.
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