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Rare mod? - 3rd row cupholder

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So you have 3rd row seats, but do you have these?

OEM cupholders for the 3rd row. (photos thanks to rracerrx)


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looks neat.

Judgeing by the blank covers to the left, I would guess the cargo cover attachment points ??

Where do you get them ??
What would "not cheap" be in American money ?

How well does it hold the drink ? it doesn't look deep.

I am guessing you have McDonalds in Australia, will it hold that type of cup ?

Can you post pic with drink in it and installed in the truck ?

Not sure what we are talking about here ???

I already have the third row, and thought we were discussing the cup holder.

As far as paying for it. I would pay for new carpets before spending high $$$ to keep them clean.

$10K for the 3rd row is crazy. US has them new in box $4,500 not installed.
That is better. I won't feel like an idiot pricing the parts at the dealer, now that I know approx. what to expect.

I still hope to see photos etc. Nothing like installing something and finding it is useless on 75% of fast food cups.
1 - 6 of 28 Posts
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