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Random songs not very random

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Any body else use a USB thumb drive (memory stick) to play music in their car? Do you notice that the random song option seems to repeat songs fairly often?

I've tried a number of things thinking that the number of songs I have in the root of the drive is too large (I have over 4000 songs on it). Separating them into folders, etc. I'm still perceiving a lot of repetition.

How about anyone else?
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Talked to Mercedes about this

Mercedes called me after I asked a question about the music playback on their site.

They said that the random function is what it is, there's nothing that can be done to change how it works. They did say that the stereo doesn't keep a memory of what tracks have been played after you shut the system off. When you start back up, the randomizer works on the collection of tracks as if for the first time. So this can contribute to some repeats in the track playback order. They also said not to organize music in a folder tree deeper than 8 levels, because the system doesn't access anything beyond that.
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