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My car is a 2005 Mercedes Benz c320... and now it has a habit of shutting off at random.

If the car is in drive there is a large chance that the car's engine will turn off while in drive. What happens is the speedometers drop to zero, but the gas stays on along with radio, and AC. The power steering also goes off too (so imagine me on the highway to a ramp). If I try to turn the engine back on there is a chance it will either not turn over, turn over and turn right back off, or turn on and we have to speed it to the repair shop down the street. If I press on the gas while its hesitating there is a larger chance of it successfully turning on, we just have to hurry as fast as we can.

Can someone tell me what is wrong with my car? We know there's a problem. Its not the crank shaft (they changed it, didn't work I was livid because I paid) but everyone says it has something to do with the fuel.
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