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Hi all, im trying to trace a couple of random electrical issues on my 1999 v230, first is the fuel gauge which is in another thread,
2nd, is the rear drivers pop out window has no power at the drivers door switch pack until you use the rear switch but then that doesnt always make the front switch work, even if i take a live from another window at the switch pack all that does is make which ever window ive taken power from either go up or down.
3rd i for the life of me cant find out how to opperate the rear wiper
4th, is the rad fan switch isnt working, both relays are working and ive fitted a new rad switch, I have 4 sensors 2 on the rad and 2 on the thermo housing, now there is a 2 pin switch on the rad which i dont know what it does and the 3 pin switch which is the rad fan switch and is new, 1 switch on the thermo housing has 1 wire and controls the dash temp gauge and the last sensor had a plug for 4 wires but only 2 wires in plug, what are all the sensors for and have i replaced the correct 1 to make my rad fans come on when required, as a temp fix at mo the fan is on a switch so i know i wont over heat in traffic
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