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Hi, I know most people are lowering. I want to raise when required.

Quick background.

Always had Mercedes sedans and I don't want an M class or any other practical solution like a range rover. Volvo cross country is tempting but don't want to move from Benz.

Need to get on and off a car barge with a steep ramp. Say 4" raise would be ideal. Researched and the W211 raises 1" for country roads and has 4wd

Also... Looking around 2004 model diesel in Australia appears to be best value. Don't want a new car from expense side and also the salt water crashing over a new car on the barge would be awful to watch.


Small research so far says the suspension has a little sensor arm which worries me if lifting the back end. If I added some airbags under the back end (somewhere) to raise just the back 4" that would get the car up the ramp at most tides and ramp angles.

Would this be possible without freaking out the electronics and also breaking something?

Thinking something from airlift might work.
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