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I would like to upgrade the radio in my wifes s 430.I just got the new woodgrain bezel and brackets,but i don't have a wiring schmatic for the audio.Does anybody have a copy of it.Also what other problems should i be on the look out for when I do this?I was thinking of putting this one in
Sony XNV-770BT .
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Welcome to the forum.

If you are in the U.S., your wife's car has a COMAND, not a "radio." It is the control center for the fiber optics network that has all of your audio system (including the amps and the equalization curves designed for your speakers and your cabin), the phone, navigation, voice control, and the like on it. To see the kind of thing you'll be involved in, check

The link is from the W220 S-Class Encyclopedia, in the "stickies" portion of the main forum page.

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