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Radio question and cup holders question

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I posted this on the other Mercedes forum (as a general radio question) with no response.

As many of you may know, I have recently purchased my first 90s Mercedes (after all of my previous ones being 80s models) and this latest one has me with a question about the radio.

When I turn on the radio (original) in my '93 (W140), it will occasionally make a "MMMM, MMMM" sound, almost like a cell phone that is on vibrate will sound. Is this normal or is my radio going out/have an issue? I know my antenna is broken and will not go to the top, so dont know if its trying to tune in a station or what? It will tune in several stations and even on one that is getting good reception, it will occasionally make that sound.

I have an owners manual, but I havent looked through it yet. I looked in an online manual, but it dont even mention the radio.

Also, where are the cupholders in my '93 W140? I thought in the console, but I cant gain access to any?

Thanks in advance!
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just my guess on the radio with out being there, but it sounds like your antenna is the source of the noise. the antenna (when working properly) will go up when you start the car, and will go back down when the radio shuts off. are you only getting the noise when the radio is turned on or off???? or is it when you change stations? it could also slightly point to a bad amp. although the amps in the earlier models were better than that in later ones. How many miles are on it?

As far as cup holders a w140 has no idea what you talking about. the later models had a flip out cup holder in the center arm rest, but other than that there is one in the glove box that holds a pop can perfectly, but is absouletly useless for anything else. then there are the two in the back seat arm rest. but that's it. my prevous owner ghetto rigged a little cup holder into the center console of which ill post a picture of. as cheesy as it looks, it actually works awesome, i use it all the time.
Thanks. Yeah, when I first turn the radio on, I will get the noise, then occasionally even when driving and the radio has been on I hear it as well, but only every so often. My antenna appears to be messed up and will only go about 1/2 way up when the radio is on. I am guessing its trying to pick up a better signal or something?

Cupholders... thanks for that info. I was searching and searching for them. lol. Seriosly though, I never dreamed that an $80K car in 1993 would not have cupholders. lol. I guess one reason why is that I watched a Mercedes video of the W140 when it was new, but it must have been a later model W140. I just assumed all of them had one. I had a 1991 Honda Accord and a 1993 Toyota Camry years ago and both had cupholders and my 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood has cupholders, as does my 1995 Lincoln Town Car, so I am kinda used to them. lol. We also (well my mom) has a '88 W126 and always complains that we dont have cupholders in it. We have tried the aftermarkets in it, but they dont work well in those cars.

I also learned that my car does not have the factory phone option, I have just an empty storage area where the phone sets in many of these cars (top center of the dash). I thought for the $80K sticker price my car had, it would have that too. lol.

I like the little setup you have in yours with the cupholder... looks factory and looks like it does the job well.

MBNA Sales Execs "forced" Daimler engineers to add cup holders to the later W140s, as they claimed this was one of the big reasons for lost sales to the Lexus LS in the US market...oh, that and a nearly $35K price difference.

DBAG engineers still INSIST the driver should not be distracted by comsuming beverages while operating a motor vehicle. Remember, it takes over a year to get your driver's license in Germany...and one 'at-fault' accident to lose it!
Guess that explains it. I had cupholders in both my 1990 Lexus LS400 and 1991 LS400 that I had years ago. I just assumed that even the first W140s had cupholders... thats what I get for assuming. lol

Thanks again.
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