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I have a 2006 CLK 500 Cabriolet. I had the AC on today and when i shut the car off and then went back in and turned it on I had no sound on the radio. The radio was on and I can see all the channels but no sound.
I had this type of problem before and I disconnected the battery cable on one side of the battery and then reconnected it and the radio sound went back on.. This happened in the winter but not sure what caused it that time. Today it was running the AC. That was all I was doing that was different from other days and it went out..
Last year I had the same problem. brought it to the dealership and they said I needed to replace the CD player. .I did and it happened again.. Then they put in a new Rear SAM and it worked but during the winter went out once. Now today with the AC. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. I was thinking when I disconnect the battery maybe it reboots. .not sure.
Does anyone else have a problem with the sound going out and then coming back on and how do they fix it or what causes it.. Maybe its something simple i am not doing. .not sure.
I have an AM/FM Sirius Satellite radio with a single CD player and a CD player also in the glove compartment .
Thank you

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It is possible that you have one component that is failing intermittently, which will cause the entire fiber optic loop to shut down. It may sere you well to check all of the connections at each component in your system. The steps at Mercedes Benz No Audio or No Sound Troubleshooter and Repair may be helpful while the system is not working (not helpful while it is) - and may help you to locate components where connections are made (the '05 and '06 models are similar). Don't forget the connections at the head unit itself.

The safest thing to do is have your system analyzed by a dealership or a certified MB independent (again) - nothing you would do in normal operation should cause this problem.
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