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radio instalation

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I am trying to install a aftermarket radio in a 300 SEL, 88'. Any one know where to get a skematic or should I just re-wire it all?
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I just had a "top of the line" Alpine/CD/MP3 stereo installed in my 560SEL which I purchased from Circuit City and installed by them. May I suggest you save yourself a lot of headache and aggravation and spring for the cost of installation by someone who will stand by their work to insure it is done correctly and offer a guarantee(installation guarantee, in your case). It is obvious you are a competent DIY'er judging by your previous posts and I hope you don't take this suggestion wrong, it's just that one's time has to be worth something as well as the outcome.



That's what I bought, the CDA-9831 and what a nice system it is. It does far more than I ever expected out of any stereo system and will NEVER use all it's features, for sure.

This is my theory on electronic gadgetry. As soon as you buy "state of the art" or upper tier anything having to do with electronics you can bet they are nearing the completion of the prototype to replace it, be it a cell phone, lap top or audio system.

$4,000 USD for a car audio system? Geesh, that is EXACTLY what I paid for my 560SEL. I guess it all boils down to what is important to each of us. I can tell you that when I slip a CD into my unit it sounds like I'm in a concert hall.

1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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