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radio instalation

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I am trying to install a aftermarket radio in a 300 SEL, 88'. Any one know where to get a skematic or should I just re-wire it all?
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I've known guys who worked at Circuit City..their advice to me, as a friend and someone who cares about their car, do Not under any circumstance take your car there to have work done. I've fixed a number of Circuit City/tweeter/best buy installs.. Cheap, quick and dirty...[:(!][xx(]

But on that note, finding Any sound shop that's going to take the time to do a proper install for just a head unit is near impossible. There is no money in it and it's brutally repetitive to boot.

Installing a head unit properly is a lazy afternoon where you can take the time to clean under your transmission surround/ashtray etc.. Also, you'll take the time to avoid cracking any expensive plastic/wood bits. Do yourself a favour, get your wiring diagram printed, pick up some good solder, heat shrink tubing and enjoy installing the unit yourself.. When it's all said and done, you'll know it's right/have learned something in the process.

Just as an aside, if you want the best Alpine has made, dig yourself up an F1.. It was the only other unit I considerd before going w/ a CDX C90 and XDP 4000 processor.

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have you ever heard a properly set up F1??? I friend of mine runs one is his 140 and it's Amazing..! I'm trying to keep up w/ my CDX C90 but $$ is the major limiting factor[:(!]

That's why I make friends w/ my local high end audio shop, they'll write me up a recipt stating they approve of or if need be, they installed my equipment in order to get a warantee. They know I care and after seeing my work:)

1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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