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radio instalation

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I am trying to install a aftermarket radio in a 300 SEL, 88'. Any one know where to get a skematic or should I just re-wire it all?
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Why would anybody want to spend that much money on the Alpine F1 status unit. It is so expensive, it is rediculous!! 4000 usd for a head unit and processor/ multimedia unit. Alpine is FOS!! The Alpine units I have had I have not been very impressed with, and other brands offer better equipment for less money. Alpine does though have the best monitors clarity wise though, but their head units are overpriced and unreliable. I have had a CDA-7893, CDA-9811, and CDA-9831 and was not very impressed by any of these units. One feature I do like on the CDA-9831 is that you can control your V12 amps from it, which used to be a seperate, 100 usd display.
I just does not make that much sense to me to spend that much money on something as simple as a head-unit and multimedia processor. I would be satisfied with a dolby digital processor.
I ask myself that everytime I let Circuit City's roadshop employees put their dirty hands on my car. But the bottom line is that they are the most efficient when it comes to installs and they work with less notice and get the work done faster. The main reason I allow them to work on my car though is because in order to receive warranties on products, many companies require their products to be installed by authorized dealers, or they will not honor the warranty.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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