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Dear Sir /Ma'am please may i request help with Radio Code
Vin number WDB1680332J537845
Engine Number 16696030425046
This happened as starter was replaced and battery had to be disconnected
Your assistance will be eternally appreciated
Kind Regards

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Hi gulam,

I don’t know where you posted this originally, but welcome to the forum.

Telephone your local Mercedes-Benz dealer for advice. They can refer you to someone who will supply your radio code free of charge. It is probably more efficient to attend there in person, with ID and proof of ownership.

If that sounds too onerous, I can look it up for you if you Paypal me US$10. All my advice is offered for free, but if I have to drive down to my storage unit and fire up a 486 box to access a database on Windows XP, then my wife needs compensation for slave hours/minutes lost.
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