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I pulled the following from : eMercedesBenz - The Unofficial Mercedes-Benz Weblog

The Audio 20, Audio 50 APS and COMAND APS systems are a range of newly developed, optional infotainment units for C-Class passengers. They all feature a keypad for entering telephone numbers and radio frequencies, as well as a Bluetooth interface which wirelessly connects the mobile phone to the hands-free system.

In the Audio 50 APS, the route guidance information – some of it as a visually attractive automatic junction zoom display - is shown by means of arrows on the fixed colour display (4.9-inch) in the dashboard. An integral 6-CD changer and the LINGUATRONIC voice control system are available on request.

The multimedia system COMAND APS offers even more functions than before in the new C-Class. One new feature is a Europe-wide navigation system whose data are stored on a hard disc (30 gigabytes). The high-resolution maps are shown on a colour display (7-inch) which pivots away and disappears beneath a cover at the touch of a button. Other functions of COMAND APS include a music server with a four-gigabyte memory, a DVD-player for video and audio, and the LINGUATRONIC voice control system, which Mercedes-Benz has likewise improved further: the driver no longer needs to spell out the names of countries, towns or roads, but is able to speak them as whole words. The voice control system is just as convenient when selecting radio stations or entries in the telephone directory.

However my overseas US spec dealer has only mentioned the Comand APS system as an option for 3K. I have seen pictures of the APS 50 in the Eurospec brochures (navigation screens on the smaller stock screen).

Has anyone heard of the APS 50 being released for the US market or are we only stuck with the higher priced Command APS?

Those of you in Europe do you have the option of the APS 50 vs the Comand APS system?
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