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Radio and a/c control digital display panel, dim

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Is it normal for the digital display on the stereo and the ac panel to go dim. Sometime it goes bright and sometime it goes dim, doesnt matter if the front headlights are on or not. Sometime it lights up bright, then after awhile dims down, and bright various times. <br>
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Funny you should say that Mark. I noticed the same thing on my C240 02. It weird and I cant figure it out. Only problem is I cannot duplicate when I want to so I can take it to the dealer and show them. Sounds like another defect in the car. If anyone has any solutions please add. Thanks
BTW: My car is a 2001 C320.<br> Any help is appreciated about the diming situation.<br> <br> I am bringing in my car soon, to fix the fuel gauge problem (still waiting for the order part to arrive....six weeks and counting.) So, hopefuly I can get both done at the same time.<br> <br>
I can't say I've noticed it on my C230 'O2, but I would suspect that it compensates for ambient lighting. Try aiming a flashlight at the instrument cluster - I think I saw a sensor there. I will check it on mine when my wife gets home from work :)<br>
Just like rp claims in his reply this is a funciton to compensate for ambient lightning. When ambient light is strong the AC and radio shines brighter. I think this is trigged by the same sensor that trigs the auto head-ligths. Don't know where this sensor is located though. Anyway, there is nothing wrong, it is supposed to work this way, and personally I think it is a great feature!
Dts is totally right so don't worry guys ! ;-)
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