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Radiator question!

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The radiator has 2 plug ins that must be taken out to remove the radiator. One is larger and I assume for the fan motor. Both plugs are on the right hand side of the radiator as you are looking at it while it is in the car. The 2nd plug is located right by the larger one. I assume it is a sensor. I remember that the 2 wires on the smaller plug broke about 3-5 months ago while I was working with the radiator. I am just trying to figure out my cars problems. CEL came on again and we this time took it to Mercedes Benz of San Diego. Dealership is much closer and much larger. There was a special order SLR Mclaren 722 edition there along with a guys modified SLK55. He has the Kleeman supercharger in his car. Car is close to 700bhp! Show room at this dealership has every AMG model there. God I do love MB. Guess I had better get used to the service dept. there. Part of the penalty for owning MB cars!

Carl, Not close to Laguna Nigel as far as size but still a good place to visit!
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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