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radar detectors.. a quickie.. i guess LOL..

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Hey all,
It's been a while since I last logged on. Anyway, got a question for you guys.
I'm thinking of treating myself to a radar detector however, I am unsure which one to choose..
I have a rather limited budget (ah well), but here are my choices..
Snooper S5-R
Cobra XRS 9500

I am based in the UK and Hong Kong. I wish to have a detector which works in both countries.. Anyone know which is better, or, have other suggestions?

My budget is £150..


P.S. Any comments on the BeatTheSpeedTrap module? Seems to be a bargain however, I've never heard of it before....

[:)] Thx
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The only thing good about a radar detector is if a cop is shooting radar. If he is shooting lazer then it wont pick it up till he hits your car. Plus it does not matter how many bands the detector has. They mostley shoot on a KA, K, and X.

Take a look at these detectors.

I have the rx 65 pro series and i loved it with radar. i could pick up a cop about 3 miles before i ever see him.

good luck


i would stay away from cobra i have heard bad things. go with a beltronics model.
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