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2000 Mercedes Benz W220 S 430
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Hello all,

I just installed a hardwire kit for my Beltronics X65 on my 2000 W220/S430. After searching this site for help, I found most folks had the least trouble wiring into the cigar lighter circuit on the "older" cars. I'm pleased to report that I had no problems with the job.

I started by tucking the wire into the headliner near the rearview mirror, leaving out about 3 inches to hook to the unit. I use the suction cups and stick the unit next to the mirror. It is easy to reach and see.

I had read about some folks removing the A pillar cover to route the wire inside but there is a visible joint between the headliner and the pillar cover so I pushed the wire into the groove. You ca see the wire but it is not distracting in my opinion. (I must admit I did not want to try and tear out the cover and bust something!)

The wire easily slips behind the flexible gasket running down the pillar to the dash.

The wire was easily pushed between the dash and the door jam to just under the dash by the hood release.

Other folks had removed the lower dash panel but again I had a greater fear of disassembly! Instead I ran the wire between the carpeted bolster and the panel in the foot well. There are "fingers" where the two panels met that I was able to weave the wire into. Cant even see it unless you look!

Next, I popped out the ashtray by removing the 2 T15 torx screws, shifted the car into D and slid out the ashtray assembly. At this point I was able to reach into the opening and ease the wire between a couple panels on the right lower side to pull my wire and fuse through. No problems!

The power wire is black with a white stripe and the ground in brown. 2 scotch locks made quick work of the wiring. A quick check for power :thumbsup: and every thing got buttoned back up!

I think the install went well and it only took 20 minutes. I didn't break anything and it looks better than the wire hanging off the mirror advertising: "steal my detector!"

Good Luck!
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