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r170 wannabe

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Hi everybody,

Just landed from the evergreen w123 coupe territory looking for a 170.

I no longer need the 5 seats on my 280 CE cause my 3 children do not like classics and going around with dad in old cars!

So i am searching for a roadster and the SLK r170 looks the part. Now gentlemen, a few questions from a newbee to be.

What are the major points to look at an SLK 230 K? Is there anything i should be specially aware in buying a 10 or so years old? any no nos?
Are many km on the odometer a firm deterrent or should i look elsewhere to decide upon?
Differences between pre and post-restyling, any worthwhile improvement?

Since I am in Spain i won´t ask you about target prices. Just for you to have an idea they range from 8 to 15K € for a 230K 2000 overhere.

Thanks in advance for your help
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There is nothing wrong with classic cars, especially ones that are well looked after.
The good news is there is no room for children in the R170.

There are plenty of posts her on tips for new buyers.
First and foremost is good history on the car - maintenance records, genuine mileage, no crash damage, not being written off etc. Good condition of body, paint and panel fit is important too. The condition of the interior will tell you a lot about the care taken by previous owners.
Common problems are untreated diagnostic codes (get them read), MAF (easily fixed), faulty camshaft position sensor, oil leaks from the engine sensors migrating along the wiring harness, the K40 fuel pump relay (dry joints), faulty brake lights (easily fixed), faulty brake switch, leaky hydraulics in the roof, water getting into the PSE, faulty windscreen washer / radiator reservoir sensor.
Good mileage comes with age of the car - go for less below averag (ie. say 10,000kms per year). 1998 is the most common year. Post facelift (after 2001) is arguably a better sorted package with some of the earlier problems attended to.
Overall it's a pretty reliable car and holds up well with age.
You see lots of problems on this forum and lots of solutions because people come here if they have problems.
Good luck with your search, and welcome to the forum.
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