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r170 wannabe

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Hi everybody,

Just landed from the evergreen w123 coupe territory looking for a 170.

I no longer need the 5 seats on my 280 CE cause my 3 children do not like classics and going around with dad in old cars!

So i am searching for a roadster and the SLK r170 looks the part. Now gentlemen, a few questions from a newbee to be.

What are the major points to look at an SLK 230 K? Is there anything i should be specially aware in buying a 10 or so years old? any no nos?
Are many km on the odometer a firm deterrent or should i look elsewhere to decide upon?
Differences between pre and post-restyling, any worthwhile improvement?

Since I am in Spain i won´t ask you about target prices. Just for you to have an idea they range from 8 to 15K € for a 230K 2000 overhere.

Thanks in advance for your help
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Oberoi, that list of yours is impresive.
Thank you so much, I´ll keep it handy.

As for the search of the right car, hopefully i should have it before summer.

My prefered car is a 200K (i don´t think is available in some markets) auto trans, facelift model on dark blue or silver and black leather interior. running on standard wheels and no mods. This 4 cylinder engine produces 163 hp and has not the 230K issues with some electrothing of some kind that I readed in a few posts. Also being a facelift model should have an smoother hood operation and the back lights and other gremlins sorted out!!

All this for a maximun of 12.000 €. Will that be possible??

I shall keep you posted.
Well yes errr is only money!!!!
Otherwise 32AMG rules

Actually I am not a flashy person so I don´t know if the extra AMG whisltes and bisltes would suit me!! The engine yes.
Well clearly car prices in USA are cheaper than in Spain.
Although roughly similar if you forget about currencies. That is, 10.000$=10.000€, easy really.

I have seen a local 99 230K advertised, silver, black leather, manual, fully stamped book and looks ok in the print (they all do, don´t they).
At 8200 looks like a good deal but there is one little catch it has close to 120K miles.

Is this kind of mileage something that you shouldn´t consider or depends on proper maintenace to last say other 60K?

What would be the main areas to look and see if they have been changed or renewed.

1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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