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This is just an information post:

The following gauge clusters work with all SLK models:

All Crossfire Gauge Clusters
All SLK Guage Clusters

There are two types of gauge clusters:

1. W/O Tiptronic: This will work on all SLKs but any SLK with triptronic that uses a non-tiptronic gauge cluster will lose the little LCD that tells you what gear you are in and there are no "miles" next to resettable miles counter.
2. W/ Tiptronic: All SLKs can use this one too. It will show what gear you are in if you have a tiptronic equipped SLK. If you do not have a tiptronic equipped SLK you will have black LCD and it will not show what gear you are in... However you do get a trivial "miles" on the resettable miles counter LCD.
3. All Crossfire Guage Clusters will work like said above too. =)

Like said a SLK32 or SRT6 (X-fire) Gauge Cluster will work too... but the calibration is a bit off.

This was just a simple information post... =)
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