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If you want to get an understanding of the R129 Convertible Top Hydraulic Cylinder System take a look at these posts.

Hydraulic cylinder upgrade and rebuild service by Top Hydraulics (aka Klaus/"Lighthouse" on this forum)- contact info

Location of all your soft top/hard top hydraulic cylinders, and removal instructions

Can I remove roof hydraulic cylinders and manually lock in the roof?


Malfunctioning bow extension micro switch

Soft top front lock adjustment

RST Hydraulic Fluid - What to use and what to avoid

Functional Description of the Roadster Soft Top and RST Troubleshooting PDF's

soft top tool / wrench p/n # 1295810066

Detailed report on 12x soft top cylinder removal, rebuild, and installation

**Roadster Soft Top (RST) hydraulic system fluid renew for MY 90-98

**Roadster Soft Top (RST) hydraulic system fluid renew for MY 97-02

There are 10 cylinders that work the roadster soft top (RST) and one for the roll bar for a total of $3,496.00 US MSRP for parts alone

Easy to remove & rebuild ALL R129 Hydraulic Cylinders on MY90

Make sure you take pictures of all of your hydraulic soft-top cylinders before you remove them

Repairing Leaking Top Cylinders Inexpensively

Pictures of where soft top hydraulic cylinders leak.

Hydraulic cylinder repair photos

Adjusting Soft top & Hard top (Front & Back)

POLL - Convertible Top Hydraulic Cylinder R&R

hydraulic leak at rear wheel, the most expensive cylinder: 129 800 17 72 is $700

91sl oil leaking front right rear wheel soft top controller might need to be "reset"

Removal Of Rear Panels; Step-by-Step

I used the following video clip link (Tail) to help to remove storage compartment

Main Hydraulic Cylinder Removal

Main Hydraulic Cylinder Removal

this is really a fairly easy repair, take your time and have fun doing it

Don't be fooled by the complexity of the 129 SL. It is actually a comparatively easy car to work on

1991 front hydraulic Distributor leak

MB decided to use a 'custom' size urethane seal in lieu of an o-ring within the hydraulic piston

limit switch for the convertible top in compartment is in the area shown

i fix the leak in my 1998 sl500, by adding NO LEAK brand powering steering fluid to my resorvior

fluid in front of the rear tire would suspect seal for the main lift cylinder

all 12 cylinders were leaking and my stealer wanted nearly $5K for parts

if you take it into Stealer they recommend replacing all cylinders at once to save on labor

Oil leaking from Sunvisor hinge due to front hydraulic cylinder M-B p/n 129 800 1672

Hydraulic leak just in front of rear wheel -can anyone ID

Hydraulic leak just in front of the passengers side rear wheel

R129 Hydraulic fluid M-B p/n 00989910310 or Febi-Bilstein p/n 02615 at about $10-$20/liter US

picture of hydraulic pump and location

hydraulic reservoir is located in the trunk under the spare tire plastic shield

2000 SL soft top stuck in compartment

Manual Release with Soft Top Tool

Manually locking the RST front and rear.

**How to remove the hard top and put the RST(roadster soft top) up manually

opening rear soft top compartment when hydraulics are dead...

rear soft top compartment wrench p/n # 1295810066

I did the re-set/re-synch deal at least 5 times before it worked

How to install the hydraulic cylinder clips

DIY: R&R of the Front RST Release Cylinders

FS: Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits from ' KBelov '

FS: Hydraulic Cylinder Seal Kits from ' Ler '

Fixing the bow extension micro switch

R129 soft top 'Controller' ultimate thread

Window Limit Switches

Fix: New soft top or new front gaskets resulting in soft top not closing in the rear

$0 DIY fix - dealer quoted $1600 to repair red soft top switch light staying on

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Just for reference these are pictures of the hydraulic pump that supplies the fluid to the RST hydraulic system. It is located in the trunk under a plastic covering that the spare wheel fits on top of.
There are Max and Min fluid marker lines which are about 2.54cms/1" apart.
The reservoir in the photo is filled to the Maximum level.
Note: entire system holds 1.25 Liters of fluid

Top picture is a MY93 SL pump showing return line on the top (middle) of the reservoir.
Bottom picture is a MY99-02 SL pump.


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