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Here is my 2002 R129 Silver Arrow with Pano Roof.
a few pics of interior with the wood refinished to bring it back TO THE ORIGINAL Ebony Birdseye Birch....
from the "faded to brown" color the wood in these always seem to fade / de- color to as time passes.😁👍🏼
Cheers , Todd
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Old faded wood.
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New refinished original color Ebony wood. 😁
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This shows the Lower console/TUNNEL replaced with the new ebony original against the faded old wood. The upper console was replaced along with the rolltop in stages.
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The warmth of the garage lights sort of throw it off, it is a bit more "Ebony" and "grayer" in real life.

I was so pleased with how it all came out. If anyone wants to know who did the refinishing... just ask me and I will hook you up!
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Here's a photo of my recently acquire 2000 SL500 Designo Edition taken today. I have been working on the car for the past 2 months repairing and replacing all the broken interior plastic parts and replacing all the soft top cylinders. More to do on the outside, some paint correction. Most likely lowering the car as well.
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Well this car is just bizarre. Can you believe it started from an R129 V12?

from my Facebook feed

here is the text:

The secret is out:
GRAND SL600 Silver Arrow Mercedes R 129 Basis
With a Mercedes SL 600 (R 129) and a thick V12, do optically on a state limousine? No problem with that sl Because the open-air classic with the chassis number WDBFA76FX2F202435 (MB 777 Silver Metallic) was converted to the optics of the Mercedes 600 state limousine. And this works even with just two doors. And the result? Takes some getting used to ! At least, that's how we feel. Because the Mercedes Grand SL 600 Silver Arrow Roadster as a tribute to the state limousine Mercedes 600 (W 100) seems a bit disproportionate. Although you can't deny the retro optics, whether an SL 600 of the R 129 model was the right choice for the conversion, it can be doubtful. But one thing is clear: the vehicle is unique! The rare base as the SL 600 Silver Arrow built Mercedes as a special model at the end of the SL series for U.S. only. Available - the only 100 vehicles - with V12 from April 2001 exclusively in America. On the other hand, the SL 500 Silver Arrow with V8 was built 1,450 times.

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1999 sl500 sl2
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iirc....they made a grand total of 100 SL600 Silver Arrows

So he took what will arguably be a 100k car and made it into a car that is arguably worth 10k?

I kick myself all the time for not buying a 600 instead of a 500 from a collectors viewpoint but this is just epic failure.
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