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R107 Classic Car Rescue

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It's probably already been shared on here... but if not...
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Thanks for taking the time to post it.
Think the best way, maybe the only sane way to watch this Bernie nut, is with the fast forward button at the ready.

That was a dumb show.

They made the Brit seem like an overblown whiner and the Canuck seem like a tool.

Or is that real life? :)

Anyways.....poor example of a "restore" show....didn't show much except for a lousy paint job, misaligned doors and panels and lousy re-upholstery.
I think this episode is mandatory viewing for anyone considering a rusty 107!
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I had to stop watching. I need to get into the business of shipping shells back to the UK instead of crushing them.
I watched this one and its a scary proposition .
That Tony guy is as useless as a door knob. I saw another episode where they bought and "restored" an E-Type that he managed to back into a transmission that was laying on the floor, scuffing the rear quarter panel of the freshly painted car.

This show seems like a knock off of Wheeler Dealers, but all the so called restorations seemed like hack jobs and they don't really detail any of their work...

Bernie surely has some sweet looking cars though - the blue Rover and the white Jag...
Like all " reality " shows its all staged and created drama . That's the catch in this show . Wheeler Dealers dynamic is different . And they get an estimate of the cars " value " at the end vs actually selling the car like WD does . Mike Brewer actually owns a car dealership as well . It's fun to watch but take it at face value .
So Foto, was that a good price? Just curious for we Yanks!
It's a lot less than what they appraised it as on the show. But it doesn't help than anyone who saw the show, or knows these cars and would pay good money would know that they car is not very original.
She (Greta) is sitting on my drive now. Here's a link to Classic car rescue video -
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