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Completed replacing the check strap in my drivers door. Nothing worse than opening a door that sounds like Saul Goodmans car door on that ride he despises! Had to practically remove the regulator to get the old one out. Found the reason my windows opened and closed so slowly, the regulator spring was loose due to the pin that held it in place fell apart. Put a shortened bolt in its place with a head that has a lip on it to hold the spring in place. Now operates much more quickly. Replaced the actuator. Round plug disintegrated. Called classic Mercedes to see if the have it, which they don’t. Had this happen on the door lock handle connection, there I have leads and put in a new waterproof auto connector. The driver door locking problem was found. The vacuum pump in trunk had voltage problems. Replaced it and now all is well. The old unit sounded like someone moaning every time you used it……

now replacing door check and actuator on passenger side as well, might as well since I have the panel off.

The car had an aftermarket alarm installed back in 1993. It stopped operating a few years ago, upgraded to a APS596z alarm from Prestige with a door lock relay from Directed Electronics. Tech support on installing it from Voxx was outstanding. All operated correctly now with remotes auto locking doors, etc. Nice to have a modern alarm. Had to take drivers seat out to work comfortably under dash.

oh by the way, if you’re looking for those plastic 1mm or 2mm plastic washers used to space the door check hinge properly, good luck, I bought the last 10 from Mercedes in the country…..
1 - 3 of 3 Posts