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R&R B1 Reaction Valve Cover

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I want to change the O-ring behind the B1 reaction valve cover. Can I just remove it and replace the seals or is it more complicated?

And whats the torque on the plug?

Tried to search around but can't find any info. Seems like this chap asked the same question but didn't get a response.
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Item marked 916 in the photo below


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So for future reference this is what I've figured out.

I went over to Mercedes-Benz on Stevens Creek and spoke to a technician called Dave. He seemed familiar with these transmissions and said that it can be replaced DIY just be careful that the pin doesn't slip under the brake band when reinstalling as the brake band will move when you pull the valve.

He said change both inner and outer o-rings and a plastic clip. I found the O-rings on EPC but I think he meant the plastic spacer ring as there was no mention of any clip on EPC.

Here are the part numbers;

A0169973448 – Outer O-ring $3.20
A0059978048 – Inner Seal ring $0.96
A1402770151 – Spacer Ring $1.40

And I even found someone who posted online about doing the same job. Google translate works well enough;
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