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2007 ML 320CDI Sport & 2007 R320CDI Sport LWB
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Hello all.

Been browsing the forums here for quite a while and finally got round to registering.

We have owned a few Mercedes vehicles over the years here in the UK. I currently have a 2007 ML 320CDI and my wife has a C 320CDI. I traded a 2003 Shogun for the ML and what a difference. I know the ML is considerably more expensive than a Shogun but I think it is well worth it. I was an anti-diesel person until I experienced the 320CDI engine: quiet, plenty of power and good MPG = converted.

I understand that the R-Class has perhaps not been marketed as well as it could have been here in the UK hence the incentives currently available. Still nowhere near US prices though. I have been quoted list price –8% and then a further £5000 off on a quite high spec model, which is in stock at the dealer.

We have 2 kids, 2 medium sized dogs and a quite heavy (1700 KG) twin axle caravan (no we’re not travellers!) My wife seems to have become a taxi service for a number of our friends kids as well as our own and a 6 seater would be ideal, so we are considering changing the C-Class for an R 320CDI and I would be interested to hear from any UK owners who tow a caravan with their R-Class. I know I can tow the caravan with the ML but I was just curious about the towing capabilities of the R-Class being 4 wheel drive and quite a heavy vehicle.

We have looked at a few of the other manufactures MPV’s but once you’ve driven the R-Class, they just don’t seem to come up to scratch. The main problems I found were noisy, underpowered engines and poor towing ability.

The dealer who sold us the ML, lent us an R320 for a few days and we were impressed with it. Soon got used to its size. It’s actually not much longer than most large MPV’s. I think it just looks very long because its lower than most 4x4’s and MPV’s. Unfortunately it was not fitted with a tow bar so we couldn’t test its towing abilities.

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