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R-134 versus Freeze 12 ??? Opinions??? Please?

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I have a weird gas in my car. A/C was converted to a Freeze-12 freon. This gas is made by:

With time it leaked out and now I have a great difficulty finding a place to service it!

So I decided to convert it again, but I do not want R-12 in it. So question is what's better?

Should I go crazy and drive 100 miles to a "nearby" shop having Freeze-12 in stock or should I convert it to R-134 like everyone around?
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Eventhough you said you don't want r-12.. I hear that the best is just that. R-134 apparently doesn't cool as well as R-12.

Depends on the day!
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R134a will also perpetually leak from the system. Our cars do not have vapour barriers on the AC lines, something R134 requires to stay put.

Freeze 12 shouldn't be That hard to track down.. I can get it fairly easily, let me know if I can help out.

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