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R-129 Installation of Late(1999) Mirrors to a 1990 SL

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Installation of Late(1999) Mirrors to a 1990 SL (R-129 body)

I have acquired a pair of complete 1999 SL500 Exterior mirrors and would like to retrofit to a 1990 300SL. I have memory seats and so did the car the mirrors came from, as this is necessary for the wiring to somehow mate for positioning control. These new mirrors also have the exterior LED lights on the mirror covers as on the 2003 MBZ's. Wiring the LED's is not an issue, only the color coded wiring interface from old to new for the positioning motors.
Has anyone done this type of upgrade?? . . . or does anyone know of some steps to do such a task or where I can find such info.
I have converted early to late mirrors on Porsche 911, and Porsche 928 and am fairly well adept at the mechanical conversion. I want to be sure on the electrical portion.

HELP would be greatly appreciated [:D]
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Check with SILVER ARROW, he's done it before.
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