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93 300te 93 500sel euro 96 s500 euro sold 94 s420 sold 99 cl500 RIP 91 300ce SOLD 99 clk cab garbage
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Well guys after selling my coupe i am wanting to get back into 124 arena

i am sure the answer to my question is here but i have to be quick and just dont the time to search

found a 94 e420 blown engine. Perfect car otherwise I mean perfect

i want to drop a 500 engine in it.

what do i need to know. its a 94 so i am assuming only a 94-95 500 engine will work right? anything else i need to know?

I hate to to ask you guys to do this for me but i have to buy this in the morning. this is a quick deal and i need answers

by the way 300.00 for the car

also any idea on gas mileage after the conversion?

thanks in advance!!! and again sorry for not searching!
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