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Questions regarding 300D non turbo auto tranmission

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Dear All,
Car is a 1981 300D RHD non-turbo sedan. My car wont shift until redline (although I dont have a tachometer). My Mech checked and said the tranny was shot. He said it should be an easy fix but end out telling me the tranny was totally different between the gasoline and diesel model.

He said it is not cheap to buy the parts to rebuild the tranmission. And it seems not easy to get rebuilt item, nor it is risky to get a used one as the youngest car should be over 25 years old.

So my questions are

1) Is it really hard to source out the parts? or if the parts are that expensive?
2) Is it hard to get a rebuilt unit? Or should I just get a used one?
3) Can I use the parts or swap it with the Turbo one? is it an easy swap?
4) Is it even harder if I want to swap the tranny with a 5SP MT? I guess the 5SP MT parts will be very hard to source? Can I swap with those 280E 5sp? or other model?

I tried to search from the forum and seems not much post mentioned about rebuilding the transmission. Thank you very much for all of your opinions
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Check if the vacuum line to the transmission is still connected. Your transmission is controlled by vacuum only.
If it shifts normally, but only at the highest rpm, it is either a vacuum leak/disconnected vacuum line, or the kickdown switch is stuck. If the bands are broken, the transmission will not shift or transfer power at all.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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