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Questions about used G63

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Hello. I've been looking to purchase a G63 for the past few months. I finally found one that seems like it's the right choice for me. It's a 2013, 115K miles ($56k). Is there anything I should particularly be worried about when owning this vehicle? I have owned Mercedes vehicles in the past and like working on my own cars and know how to change oil, brakes, etc. And, another thing I was curious and a bit worried about, do these cars get lots of attention on the road? I don't mind some attention and looks I just don't want it to be too much.
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IMO and front owing a W463 for 10 years I think around 2011 quality control went down at Gratz when they stared pumping out G's at a rate never seen before. Most folks that have headache lemon G's were from this era. G63's seem to have more issues than G500/G550.

Most things on the Truck can be DIY, nothing is hard just everything takes time. Get a good Scan tool or a copy of a Mercedes unit off ebay, should work great on a 2013. Good luck
Thanks for the response. I've looked into it and I don't think I'll have issues doing most of the service myself. Do you think 115k miles is too much for one of these?
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